Branding Questionnaire

In order for us to understand your requirements,
please try and answer as many of the following questions as possible.

Please note: This questionnaire cannot be saved to come back to, so please set aside enough time to complete.

    About you and your business.

    Your Name

    Your Email

    Your Phone Number

    Do you have a website?

    Share your brand's socials if you have any?

    What is your business name? What is the meaning behind the name?

    What does your business do?

    Who is your ideal client / target audience?

    What is your client / target audience’s most basic problem, that you have the solution for?

    Who are your competitors?

    How do you market your business? How do your customers first meet your brand?

    About your logo and brand identity.

    Do you have an existing logo? If so, please provide it by adding it to your Pinterest board.

    Where will your logo primarily be used? Print, web, merchandise?

    How do you prefer your logo be worded or written out?

    Do you have any colour preferences, or existing brand colours that need to remain?

    Do you have any colours you want to steer away from?

    Do you have a preference on typography?

    What three brands do you love, and why?

    About your branding collateral.

    If relevant to your branding package please provide details below.

    What contact information would you like to include on your business cards?

    Any additional details or creative considerations?

    Thank you!